Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe County Tri-point.  

35.93077N 106.24559W

Picture above from Hwy 502 turnout just below Los Alamos, NM

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Above is the Tri-point.  Not much to see this way.  Google puts the point at the top of the bank behind the bike.  My GPS puts it right about where the bike is.  From this point you can see part of Los Alamos to the Southwest and Santa Fe to the East.  I took San Idelfonso road from Diamond Drive in Los Alamos.  Most of the land to the East is posted Pueblo land.  The road is rough, high clearance 4x4 and has a dozen arroyo crossings.  Not for rainy days.  Overall not hard to access on the KLR.

Above is a View to the North

Above is the view to the East.  The Rio Grande Valley and Santa Fe.