Roadside America

A photo album of oddities from my travels in America.  


Town Signs

Signs of town that stand out!


 New Mexico Tri-County Points

There are at least 62 places where three states meet.  35 of them are accessible by land, but not necessarily legally by vehicle.  Since I still work for a living, I don't have time to visit all of these places.  I do, however, have time to visit the 39 of the 42 places where three New Mexico Counties meet, or at least get close.  Some are on private property.  Three are on White Sands Military reservation.  At least two are probably on inaccessible Indian lands.  I will attempt to get to as many as I can and as close to the remaining.  Here are my attempts. 

 New Mexico Historical Signs and other Points of Interest

There are many Historical Markers throughout the country.  Here are the ones I have run into in my travels throughout New Mexico.  The Signs look something like this:








 I will add more signs to the photo album as I get them.  Click the blue title for the photo album.