I bought this motorcycle in January of 2014 with 8600 miles on it. the only accessory it had was a MSR shifter and the brush guards on the handlebars.  The previous owner has picked up the bike in non-running condition from the first owner.  The engine was completely toast.  The seal at the coolant pump had failed allowing coolant into the engine/transmission.  The previous owner parked the bike and allowed the internals to rust.  So, this bike has a used engine of undetermined vintage and miles.  As of this writing, 5/2016, the engine has been running strong.  I still don't know how many miles the engine has, but I've got 21,000 miles on the bike now.

I've made a few changes to the bike:


My constant riding companion:  Marvin the Martian.

Happy Trails Skid Plate.Nice piece of kit so far. IMG_1258_800x600.JPG
Happy Trails Paris/Dakar Nerf Bars with Highway Pegs.  I had the bar crack and break at the top due to vibration.  I'm not too happy about that, but I welded the bar back together and haven't had any more problems. IMG_1257_800x600.JPG
Odyssey Extreme AGM Battery   CLICKThe AGM Glass Mat batteries provide higher cranking amps and tend towards longer life. IMG_1260_800x600.JPG
Replaced handlebar choke lever with on the carb choke lever.  Eliminates the chance of a tip over ending the ability to use the choke.  The stock parts also have a plastic connection to the carb which breaks. IMG_1261_800x600.JPG

 Replaced the original vacuum petcock with a standard petcock.The vacuum petcock have a diaphragm that has a habit of drying out and failing in the middle of nowhere.  You will be without gas at that point.  The standard petcock has to be turned off when you stop the vehicle, but rates of failure are near zero.


Seat Concepts Commuter Seat.  CLICK  I really like their foam and the concept of their seats and their products are first line quality.  On the KLR, though, the Commuter seat and my butt just don't match.  I may order new foam in the stock profile and see how that works for me.


Rear brake actuator cover


.22 cent mod, which puts a small washer under the needle to reduce leanness.  Drilled the slide which sharpens throttle response.  I also replaced the top and bottom screws with stainless steel hex heads which reduces the chance they will strip.


Front light cover

Moose Racing rear top rack and pannier racks

import 738_600x800.JPG

Galfer Steel Braided Front Brake line. SAM_0068_800x600.JPG
Pelican Cases for Panniers SAM_0982_800x600.JPG

Aerostich Yellow large sized tank saddle bags


Acerbis Front Dirt bike fender

Wolfman Large Expedition Tankbag  WolfmanLarge ExpeditionTankBag.jpg
Dash panel  
Eagle Mike Doohickey  and torsion spring  KLRDoohickeyTorsionSpring.jpg

Cogent Dynamics Adventure Shock and Drop In Dampers for the front.  CLICK


Thermobob.  CLICK 

There is an updated version of the thermobob now, but my bike has the original.


Subframe drill through mount kit.  This replaces the weak stock bolts at the subframe to frame connection point.

UNI Air filter element

Carb and master cylinder screw upgrades.

Eagle Mike.

Twisted Throttle Fuse Relocator.  Replaces the glass fuses with automotive style fuses and pulls them out from under the seat so they are easier to get to.